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Why Choose Lighthouse Therapeutic Services?

Making the decision to seek therapy is the first step to achieving the life you want. Finding a therapist who understands you and your individual needs can be an overwhelming task. After all, this is someone who you may be sharing your deepest, most personal feelings and secrets with. 

A lighthouse is steady, grounded, solid, and guides those to safety. With the goal of guidance, it illuminates the darkest of times, bringing you love and hope.

At Lighthouse Therapeutic Services, I aim to guide individuals, couples, and families out of their darkest times to see the light in their lives. I strive to provide my clients the tools to navigate through their thoughts and feelings to accomplish their goals, as well as to find comfort, peace, and joy within themselves and their relationships.

Meet Tara Yombor, LMHC

"Chaos Coordinator, Wounded Heart Healer, Emotional Guide"


Hi there! I'm Tara - you can also call me a chaos coordinator, a wounded heart healer, or an emotional guide. 

As a mental health therapist, and as a previous client in my own personal therapy, I understand how challenging and emotional it can be to seek therapy.  I want to make this as simple and stress-free as possible by explaining a bit about me and what to expect during therapy.  


I spent most of my life living in Michigan and moved to Florida in 2011.

I began my career working in Boulder, CO at a substance abuse facility for pregnant women. Since moving to Florida, I have worked in substance abuse treatment centers as a mental health therapist and eventually as Clinical Director prior to founding Lighthouse Therapeutic Services. I have been working in the substance abuse field for 10 years facilitating individual sessions, relationship/family counseling, and group therapy sessions. My passion includes helping people find happiness within themselves and their relationships. I work with those struggling with addictive behaviors, co-depenent traits, depression, anxiety, self esteem/eating disorders, relationships (both interpersonal and family) and major life events. 

My primary focus is to create a judgement-free zone where you feel safe to be emotionally open and honest. Our first session will be aimed at getting to know one another.  I will assist you in finding out what you hope to gain from your time in therapy as well as ask you some questions about your history and interpersonal relationships. My therapy style is very organic. Topics of individual sessions are up to you based on where you are at in your personal journey. I understand that no two people are the same and that not one single approach will work for everyone. I strive to listen to my clients needs and tailor my approach to suit you. 

I want you to know that regardless of the personal circumstances standing in the way of your happiness, hope still exists.

I believe in investing in yourself. If you're ready for a change and ready for a brighter tomorrow, call or e-mail me to schedule a session!